Disturbinggh reports that the gospel minister on Accra FM’s gospel entertainment show, Gospel 360, revealed that he used to stimulate his genitals with his hand for sexual pleasure.“My second day at senior high school, I met my seniors at the bath house and they asked me to stimulate my genitals. I enjoyed doing it so I continued for about seven to eight years. I at times left lecture hall just to go and do that. The devil wanted to kill me because it got to a time I became very weak. I did the thing for a very long time. I will eat but I’ll feel so light. At times

there will be no sperms but I try to do it just to make myself happy. I could do it for about seven times in a day until God revealed it to one pastor who helped me to stop.” Eric Jeshurun said.To help other young minds who are in the same shackles, the gospel musician has been embarking on campus tour to educate students on how to overcome addiction using his experience as a case study. According to him, his ministry has saved over 200 students who were addicted to masturbation, smoking and other wrongful acts in the little time they have started the campus awareness.

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