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Shocker!!! The Worst Fish In The World Sets The Social Medial On Fire With Its’ Awkward Shape (Photos)

Well to all those with dirty mind and think this looks like something else These are actually fish 😱😱😱😱 A shellfi...


Horrible!! See The Horrible Massage Of What A Man Experienced In The Club -Warns Men Never To Do This (Photos)

Please make me UNKNOWN.Help me Share my experience last weekend in the club..


MADNESS!!! This Lady Has Refuse To Stop Causing Stir on Social Media With Her Massive B00bs (Photo)

A black lady with monstrous breasts has been unveiled from her hiding place on social media as the enigmatic size of her mammary glands causes en...


Danger!!! See 6 Big Mistakes Most Men Make Before Having $*ex, Most Men Are Guilty Of No.1

When making love with your partner, you want to be able to feel like you are getting the best out of your romp session but some actions or inacti...


Wow!! The Little Emmanuella Won This Great Award -This is Unbelievable (Photos)

Comedienne Little Emmanuella has just been crowned the Princess of Comedy by the Australian Government – Uncle Mark Angel himself was also Hono...


Unbelievable!! You Won’t Believe What Make-Up Did To This Lady -See The Power In Make-Up (Photos)

This melted my heart when I first saw it earlier today. A make up artiste said this lady with accident scars on her face pleaded with her to make...


Wonders!!! Popular Bishop Turned Cold Water To Hot Water (Photos)

Look like this happened in Onica local government area of Ebonyi State on Sunday. Bishop Dr Sam Zuga turned COLD water to HOT water in front a cr...


Unbelievable!!! Zahra Buhari Set to Marry In Next 2 Weeks – See The Lucky Guy (Photos)

There are strong rumours that Zahra who is the most popular daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari is set to walk down the isle with the son of a...


Horrible!! The Most Horrible Cake Design Hit The Internet, Got People Talking -See (Photos)

A new photo making the rounds on social media has shown what has left many people quite stunned.This photo has gotten a lot of people talking onl...


Quite Funny!! Little Emmanuella Is At It again ”Touch Me”… Lol Mark Angel Comedy Series Episode 94

So funny ''Touch Me'' Little Emmanuella is at it again... Lol Mark Angel Comedy Series Episode 94.This gonna make your day,..Watch below;