At the service, the church members were allowed to smoke marijuana during service. The founding minister of the church, Jeremy Hall, said it came into existence so that many will have the chance of getting high while worshiping. ”What I’m hoping to accomplish in the long run is to provide a place where people can be spiritual, but can also feel safe to take any of their medication. If they also feel cannabis is part of their spirituality, they can combine the two in a safe environment,” the 34-year-old who who leads the service, told the Lansing State Journal.

Hall also said that the non-denominational church is “the first of its kind” in Michigan. Hall feels marijuana can be part of a “religious experience” of sort, as ‘it can help people in pain and create a sense of belonging. You are consuming something that is breaking down all these preconceived notions and barriers and provides an outpouring of love.’ Would you attend if you had the opportunity?

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