Wonders shall never end. In as much as the human minds keep wondering and giving birth to new ideas, the more inventions will be made in the society.Some thousands of years back, the idea of having a vehicle which can travel hundreds of kilometres while carrying people might have sounded strange. That was because this was thought to be impossible because of the primitiveness of that era.So many things have changed in our society now; people are becoming more creative day by day. A vehicle which can move in both water and land has been surfaced. These vehicles

are known as water buses and have been in operation for some years now.Water buses can move conveniently on water and land. This may not be totally new as there are amphibious aircrafts in existence already. These aircrafts can fly and land on water. The largest amphibious aircraft was introduced by China. This huge craft has features that make it look like a boat and an airplane at the same time.It is intriguing to know that something that has been seen in science fiction can happen in reality.You Can Equally watch how it moves below;

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