A young man’s manh00d has allegedly reduced after giving directions to a stranger at Idumota market in Lagos, yesterday, October 10. According to the eye witness who shared the story and photos, the young man felt a strange feeling after giving the stranger directions on how to get to Oshodi from Idumota. Read the story as recounted by the eye witness below: “The fear of Ember months is the beginning of wisdom it’s often said ! This afternoon 10th October 2016 in the front entrance of the popular jankara market close to Spencer house trouble started when an Northerner (malam) held another malam to his clothes demanding him to restore his manhood, therefore passerby’s asked the (continue below)

Northerner to leave him but he began to explain what transpired between them, he said the malam ask him about vehicle that would take him to oshodi from idumota and after he gave him directions he noticed something had gone off his body so he quickly checked below only to find out his joystick (di*k) had become smaller than what it used to be like before, he claimed it was the other malam that jazzed (juju) him, so he demanded it to be restored, he even had to bring out the di*ck for all to see both males and females were all to view it free… He said its smaller than, that it used to be bigger than that,even passionate plea was made to any female who could please help him to caress his joystick to see if it would rise again.” See Photos Below:

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