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Not Again!! Popular Bishop Turns Water Into Medicine What He Did With It Will Shock You (Photos)

Remember the pastor in Ebonyi who became the talk of the town after he turned cold water into a piping hot water? Yes, Bishop Dr. Sam Zuga, he is...


Interesting! 3 Best Natural Mixture That Eliminates Belly Fat (Photos)

Many women around the world are dealing with excess belly fat which is a very unpleasant aesthetic and health problem. If you’ve tried to reduc...


Men Beware!! Ladies Now Uses This To Restore Their V!rginity To Deceive Their Men -See How (Photos)

You can be fool anytime.the cream below is what girls of nowadays were using to cover up their loosing v!rginal.So open eye,...I stumbled on this...


UNBELIEVABLE!!! – Watch What This Pretty Girl Did To Herself With Knife. [Video]

This is shocking!..Just take a look at the wooden thing behind her and see how much stabs and cuts it has…Thats the scariest thing in the video...


Horrible!! See The Horrible Massage Of What A Man Experienced In The Club -Warns Men Never To Do This (Photos)

Please make me UNKNOWN.Help me Share my experience last weekend in the club..


SHOCKING!!! Man Dies After A Popular Nigerian Pastor Paid Him To Fake A Miracle…See How

An alleged fake miracle organised by a popular pastor in Abuja has turned sour. According to reports making rounds, the Abuja pastor, Bishop Emma...


Wonders!!! After Witnessing A Pastor Used Insecticide To Perform “Miracle” This Man Was Spotted Doing This (Photos)

After images of a South African Pastor spraying insecticide into the faces of his congregants -circulated on social media few days ago, a man has...


SHOCKING!!! Man Takes Wife’s Phone For Repair, What He Discovered Later Will Shock You. [Photos]

A woman's secret love affair has been revealed after her husband discovered pictures of her lover in the phone she had given him to repair. A Zim...


Merciless!!! Some Kidnappers Got Their Reward After Being Caught -You Won’t Believe How It Happened (Photos)

According to a report filtering in from Calabar, Cross River State capital city, kidnappers from Delta and Enugu States -stormed Calabar today to...


So Sad!!! Popular Actor’s Father Is Dead (Photos)

This is not the best time for veteran Nollywood actor Bob-Manuel Udokwu. Death visited the home of the amiable actor and took away his aged fathe...