Everything goes and are always successful with timing including s”e”’x. Every woman knows that the ideal time of the month to get pregnant is during your ovulating period but you might not realize that certain times of the day, month and year are very best time for other marriage sexual goals. Here are the best time to have s’3′x:
1. Want An Amazing Orgasm?: This might sound counterintuitive but most married women never have orgasm. So the best time to have a mind blowing and amazing orgasm is the day before you get your period. That day you mighty feeling uncomfortable and grouchy, but Convince yourself to give s”’e”x a shot, because it will cheer you right up.

2. Want Long Lasting s3x: The best time is between Christmas and New Year’s Day, when you and your husband are not working, when you have to where to go or work to think about (no office pressure) and you are always together, it’s easier to have unhurried sex, luxurious that lasts long. its not a must it must be christmas and new year holiday but any time you are not going to work.. weekends are great. During those period, flirt with your husband, whisper in his ear and always maintain eye contact while eating and discussing.

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