1. Goals: What are you working on, professionally, personally, mentally, emotionally? Are you hoping to change jobs, finish a crafting project, or plant a garden this year? Or maybe your goal is something smaller, like aiming to go to yoga every day this week. Share your goals, both large and small, with your partner. Talking about them in the open will help you stick to them, as well as give your partner something tangible to encourage you in.

2. Hardships: Tell your partner about the hardest thing you experienced this week, whether it was something crazy at work, an awkward conversation with your sister, or just a really difficult workout. Ask them to share theirs, as well. You’ll feel closer by knowing each other’s struggles, no matter how inconsequential.
3. Health: Not been sleeping lately? Suffering weird back pain? Chances are your significant other already has a pretty good idea what’s up with your health, but talking out health problems and issues can make both of you more cognizant and compassionate.

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